Note: In case you didn’t read last issue’s announcement: WSJ is no more. VIZ has changed their publication format, all current JUMP series will be released individually, with first 3 chapters plus 3 newest chapters as free contents. So now you can go to VIZ website (use VPN if you’re geo-blocked by VIZ stupid regional policy, which only works in 10 English-speaking countries), or get VIZ’s app(s) to read on your phone (it’s not geo-blocked, but looks like something made from last century and shows no mature content — since it’s a 12+ app).
If possible, consider subscribing to VIZ digital vault, it’s only $1.99/month for all-you-can-read buffet.

Meanwhile, this post is for people who don’t follow JUMP regularly and miss their chances to read before those free chapters expired, or don’t know what the heck VPN is. Or, just to hoard them.
(Btw, this will be delayed release~)

ACT-AGE Age – Ch. 046 [VIZ] [Digital] [Intervención].cbz Age – Ch. 047 [VIZ] [Digital] [Intervención].cbz Age – Ch. 048 [VIZ] [Digital] [Intervención].cbz

Black Clover Clover – Ch. 186 [VIZ] [Digital] [Intervención].cbz Clover – Ch. 187 [VIZ] [Digital] [Intervención].cbz Clover – Ch. 188 [VIZ] [Digital] [Intervención].cbz

Blue Exorcist Exorcist – Ch. 107 [VIZ] [Digital] [Intervención].cbz

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations – Ch. 030 [VIZ] [Digital] [Intervención].cbz

Chainsaw Man Man – Ch. 003 [VIZ] [Digital] [Intervención].cbz Man – Ch. 004 [VIZ] [Digital] [Intervención].cbz Man – Ch. 005 [VIZ] [Digital] [Intervención].cbz

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba – Ch. 139 [VIZ] [Digital] [Intervención].cbz Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba – Ch. 140 [VIZ] [Digital] [Intervención].cbz Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba – Ch. 141 [VIZ] [Digital] [Intervención].cbz

Dr. STONE Stone – Ch. 087 [VIZ] [Digital] [Intervención].cbz Stone – Ch. 088 [VIZ] [Digital] [Intervención].cbz Stone – Ch. 089 [VIZ] [Digital] [Intervención].cbz

Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma Wars – Ch. 292 [VIZ] [Digital] [Intervención].cbz Wars – Ch. 293 [VIZ] [Digital] [Intervención].cbz Wars – Ch. 294 [VIZ] [Digital] [Intervención].cbz

Haikyu!! – Ch. 331 [VIZ] [Digital] [Intervención].cbz – Ch. 332 [VIZ] [Digital] [Intervención].cbz – Ch. 333 [VIZ] [Digital] [Intervención].cbz

Hell Warden Higuma Warden Higuma – Ch. 001 [VIZ] [Digital] [Intervención].cbz Warden Higuma – Ch. 002 [VIZ] [Digital] [Intervención].cbz Warden Higuma – Ch. 003 [VIZ] [Digital] [Intervención].cbz

Jujutsu Kaisen Kaisen – Ch. 040 [VIZ] [Digital] [Intervención].cbz Kaisen – Ch. 041 [VIZ] [Digital] [Intervención].cbz Kaisen – Ch. 042 [VIZ] [Digital] [Intervención].cbz

My Hero Academia Hero Academia – Ch. 210 [VIZ] [Digital] [Intervención].cbz Hero Academia – Ch. 211 [VIZ] [Digital] [Intervención].cbz Hero Academia – Ch. 212 [VIZ] [Digital] [Intervención].cbz

ne0;lation – Ch. 002 [VIZ] [Digital] [Intervención].cbz – Ch. 003 [VIZ] [Digital] [Intervención].cbz – Ch. 004 [VIZ] [Digital] [Intervención].cbz

One Piece Piece – Ch. 928 [VIZ] [Digital] [Intervención].cbz Piece – Ch. 929 [VIZ] [Digital] [Intervención].cbz

Seraph of the End of the End – Ch. 075 [VIZ] [Digital] [Intervención].cbz

The Promised Neverland Neverland – Ch. 116 [VIZ] [Digital] [Intervención].cbz Neverland – Ch. 117 [VIZ] [Digital] [Intervención].cbz Neverland – Ch. 118 [VIZ] [Digital] [Intervención].cbz

We Never Learn Never Learn – Ch. 092 [VIZ] [Digital] [Intervención].cbz Never Learn – Ch. 093 [VIZ] [Digital] [Intervención].cbz Never Learn – Ch. 094 [VIZ] [Digital] [Intervención].cbz

World Trigger Trigger – Ch. 172 [VIZ] [Digital] [Intervención].cbz Trigger – Ch. 173 [VIZ] [Digital] [Intervención].cbz