This is a work in progress restoration project, to bring these old comics back to life for a new generation of fans in digital form.

The restorations are not perfect, I only do this in my spare time and have little of it, so speed vs quality is always a thing I need to balance, however, the quality, considering the awful raw images I had, are pretty good. See for yourself!

I and currently scheduling a release of one issue per week, so check back often. Cheers.!PjgQ2KLS!GMMxEE1pdg8S5eeD5YAa2f2lhehIharFiaPObEKxru4!7y4yXA6b!hbDYpLMNy8oFsU7dVqAIwRzNavtwYJ92XXWlFvJMlzI!HvxGVCJQ!LEHkHDGJgfrioSB0EytP_xcg0ijLjdOUmXZq2bBQY_U